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Lecture Esther Mollema

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Esther Mollema gave several ‘unconscious bias awareness training’ sessions to teach us about diversity and inclusivity. She reminded us we all have unconscious biases, because our brain prefers a homogenous team to feel more effective and self-confident. However, we do our best work when we are slightly uncomfortable. We can tackle unconscious biases by taking biases out of our processes and realize it is easier to recognize bias in others than it is to realize one’s own bias.

Furthermore, we learned about seven unearned privileges (1: man, 2: white, 3: heterosexual, 4: highly educated parents, 5: highly educated yourself, 6: no regional dialect, 7: secular). The more privileges you have, the easier your way to power, because every mark you miss means 2 years delay in your career with the same competencies (source: Joris Luijendijk). People with lots of privileges make themselves heard and control the speed of change, known as the privilege effect.

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Lecture Esther Mollema