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Teaching Diversity & Inclusion

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Teaching Diversity & Inclusion for medical students at Erasmus MC – the experience of Merel Stevens

I was lucky enough to get involved in diversity & inclusion education for medical students at Erasmus MC, which is coordinated by the department of Medical Ethics, Philosophy and History of Medicine. Rotterdam has one of the most diverse (patient) populations of the Netherlands.

At the same time, the student population at Erasmus MC is the most culturally diverse of the country.  Erasmus MC therefore aims to better prepare students for their future work in a diverse environment, which is yet to improve on inclusivity. In class, students are trained to reflect on health care issues from a diversity & inclusion perspective, in order to be able to deal with human diversity in health care in an inclusive way. I very much enjoyed exploring personal and social identities with the students, and relating challenges in health to this meaningful topic. 

Teaching Diversity & Inclusion